How was I supposed to understand all this… Life has brought me so many life lessons in so little time, I’ve shown myself vulnerable in so many ways the last few months, I’ve gained powers I never thought could be real in this life, I’ve taken action on my fears and today is my graduation day of all this. All those messages I had about love in dreams and reading… How would I know this was my way into battle?

Love is such an enormous and chaotic emotion, it’s both good and bad, pure and evil, everything depends on how tainted your heart and soul is. This is not a war I decided to be a part of consciously, it’s a full 7 stage video game where each level grants you a talisman (my friends) and then… The final boss… THE ONE.

The one I’m meant to be with, the one who’d be by my side to make me happy… Literally, the man of my dreams. Have you ever dreamed of someone totally different from you that had messages for you in dreams over years guiding you and telling how you should be careful of things? This is what happened to me. I thought that entity was someone I met a while ago and focused all my energy to make him whole, safe and ready to be with me… But magic made him leave for someone else. How was I supposed to take this when this experience was challenging this reality?

I loved someone who wasn’t the one and my soul’s heart was pulverized. I’ve healed and noticed something again through dreams… It was never him, he was the excuse tu hurt so that I could see. I thought that there was no hope for me and then it hit me. That entity was my own self from another realm, it was bever someone else. That someone else had the physical appearance of what I looked like in another life, that’s why it made it so difficult to understand. I am my own Agápē (ἀγάπη). We all must find a way to be our own Agápē. This is not an easy road and you may suffer a lot. The reward is knowing how your true self is always there to help you lead the way to a successful happy and loved life. We’re perfect enough for each of us, don’t idealize others or yourself, work all you can on being able to heal and contain yourself. I just got there.💖✨

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