About me

Naturally obsessed with coffee.


Gerardo Sierra (1988, Hermosillo, SON), communicator, photographer, entrepreneur and visual artist. Finds his passion for photography through a fashion workshop in 2014, Mexico City, that was his first approach to the fashion world and to photography as a possible profession. Two months after this course, he applies for the Masters degree in Editorial Photography of the New York Film Academy and got it, going against photographers with over 2 years of experience. Unfortunately, he declines the offer due to a delicate family situation that made him stay in Pachuca de Soto for a little longer than expected.

Working in an editorial shoot for One·Four·One Magazine.

In 2015 he publishes his first digital edition of One·Four·One Magazine (OFO Magazine), positioning the media in Pachuca de Soto and the surrounding cities. In 2016, he made print possible, working along with celebrities and Mexican brands for his editorials. By the end of the year, he redesigns the whole project putting the magazine in the eyes of the fashion industry, this made the magazine make the last printed appearance during the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Mexico City FW17 edition. By the mid 2018, he launched his first international app with the magazine, leaving behind the printed issue and starting collabs from all over the globe. In April, 2018, Colöurs Mexico asked him to print the magazine again to have it in the front row of several designers on the coming editions (Pineda Covalín, Alfredo Martínez, Xico, RCano, among others).

When he’s working, he’s always trying to have fun.

On April, 2019, he decided it was time to launch a different magazine (Appear Magazine) having it focus on lifestyle and consumerism of the megalopolis, while having OFO Magazine on complete redesign, from business plan to the whole concept and design. In September of the same year, he’s chosen to make his first incognito campaign in Miami with his own personal interpretation of the art brand by the name of SELF MARKS (expo scheduled by the end of 2019).

At the moment, Gerardo is making inroads in author photography, working in 4 different photographic series to exhibit in different parts of the megalopolis (Mexico City, Puebla and Queretaro).

My feelings through my art.

My way of working with photography changes as I go through different personal experiences. The most important factor for me is to rescue feelings, sensations and that the images I create evoque what the expectation doesn’t totally understand as a reaction to my work.

I’m interested in a lot of aspects of the ways of visual arts, from animation, illustration and video editing to the most basic forms I’ve worked with in graphic design.

My technique is different in every project I’m making because of the concept and emotions I want to reflect. I love knowing that all of us, just for the sake of being social beings, don’t really know if something that we’re feeling is good or bad because of others’ opinion. I’m here to amalgamate as much as I can of those feelings through light, color, texture, tone, contrast, material and story manipulation, all this in the different collections I’m working on.